Hello, human.

It’s hot, isn’t it?

I’ve lived in a lot of different places.  Obviously, in Los Angeles, I needed A/C. It just got too hot in my tiny apartment.  In Oregon, it wasn’t too bad. In Seoul, DEAR GOD, it was a lifesaver. I was living at the top of an apartment building with no lift and the air felt warmer and very humid in the summer.  Everyone had air conditioning.


Hello, human.

I'm not sure if you're interested, but I would like to tell you more about how I work.  

I like looking at other musicians'/producers' setups during FAWM.  In case you don't know, FAWM (fawm.org) stands for February Album Writing Month.  The challenge is to write 14 songs in the 28 days of February. It's been integral to my growth as a musician these last few years.  There is a thread, usually, where people post pictures of their setups and their gear. And the variation is amazing. 


Hello, human.

Mr. Bootsock says hello, too.

“Who is Mr. Bootsock?” you ask, palms sweaty, knees weak, arms heavy.  Is he a ghost? A hallucination? An ex-boyfriend? A special name for an intimate body part?

None of the above.  “Mr. Bootsock” is the name I've given to the two-faced/janus/diprosopus cat symbol you see floating around my website. 

Why did I create Mr. Bootsock to be my mascot?


Hello, human.

You're here again. Thanks for coming back.

We are flawed. We make mistakes. We drink, smoke, or eat too much. We say or do things that we regret later. No one is exempt from this. So, it doesn't matter if I confess to you that I have flaws because you already know. And, most likely, you have seen them in the photos and the music video. I'm sorry to spoil the illusion, but perpetuating an illusion is like lying, and I don't want to lie to you.

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