Tears For Keanu

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Tears For Keanu cover artwork
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Release date
August 2019

"Tears For Keanu" is a 5 track EP consisting of songs about or involving Keanu Reeves. The project was conceived a few months ago in an Amsterdam coffeeshop whilst extraordinarily high. I managed to type a note into my phone so I wouldn't forget (I forgot A LOT that day). I started it because I wanted to help one of my friends there through her horrible divorce. It gave her a project where she could work her art direction skills and feel confident again, instead of feeling like her life was a raging garbage fire. The songs gave her a kind of catharsis, as well, and made her feel like she was heard

  • Whoa!
  • John Wick Is My Boyfriend
  • Future Face
  • Crush Crush
  • Dancing With Keanu